Playbooks give you a way to automate routing of query results to the right app on a scheduled basis. Here are some useful articles on playbooks.

Playbook Templates
Use playbook templates to create a playbook that has the query already defined for you. If a Bolster module has playbook templates available, you will see the option to use a template. Select the template that describes the query you want to automate.
Playbooks and Connectors
Use connectors to configure a playbook with information about how to handle the results of the query you have selected or defined. For example, to automate routing of query results to an email address, you would select the Email connector. Connectors specify: the app to send the results toany addit…
Creating Playbooks from a Template
Several templates are available for starting playbook for the Web module. Using a template gives you a pre-defined query to start with. Click Automation.Note: If you have already created a Web playbook, you won’t see this page. 2. Select the type of playbook: Web Playbook. 3. Click Try an
Creating Playbooks from Scratch
Create a playbook from scratch if you need to define playbooks for non-Web modules or you want a very precise query. Click Automation.2. Select the type of playbook. 💡Note: If you already have playbooks of this type, you won’t see the Get Started page.3. Click Create from scratch.