This document helps in setting up the connector for Microsoft teams.

  1. Open the channel in Teams to which you want to add the Webhook, and select ••• from the upper-right corner.
  2. Select Connectors.

3. Search Incoming Webhook and Add it.
4. Select Configure and give it a name.

5. Save the generated URL, this should be provided in the API connectors of        Bolster Playbook.

6. Now from the Bolster Platform, Go to Connectors in the Automation Section and      hit New Connector.

7. Now Give it a name and select the Connector Type as API.
- Paste the URL generated from step 5 in the URL field.
- The request Method should be POST.
- Add this inside the Request Body.
"text": "Please review the latest playbook %FILE_URL%"

- And then click Test Connector, a Success message should appear and test  file is sent to the channel. Then hit Save.
8. Now this connector can be used while creating playbooks and the playbooks will be sent to the specified channel.