Dark Web

Using Dark Web Search Terms

Use Dark Web search terms to define the Dark Web findings of interest. A search term consists of: Entity (optional): specific type of information to consider in a post or data dump.Category (optional): specific types of posts to include.Value (required): the text to search for.Example To find:

Use Cases: Dark Web

The Dark Web module extends the Bolster Web module by detecting potential threats from anonymous sites. These sites include marketplaces, forums, and paste sites used for selling sensitive information. The following diagram illustrates a typical approach for using the Dark Web module to mitigate most use cases. Basic use cases

Everything About the Dark Web Module

The Dark Web module gives you visibility into potential threats being sold on anonymous sites. Here are some articles on how the Dark Web module helps you keep tabs on these sites. Dark Web Dashboard0:00/1×The Dark Web dashboard gives you a snapshot of your Dark

Dark Web Active Findings

The Dark Web Active Findings screen lists the potential threats to your brand found on the Dark Web based on search terms you add. Use this screen to: review active findingschange status to Mitigated or Ignoredexport active findings

Dark Web Mitigated Findings

The Dark Web Mitigated Findings screen lists the findings you have set to Mitigated status. Use this screen to: review mitigated findingschange the status of a finding to Active or Ignored

Dark Web Ignored Findings

The Dark Web Ignored Findings screen lists the potential threats you have decided to leave out of your defense activities. Use this screen to: review the potential threats you have set aside.change the status of a finding to Active or Mitigated.

Compromised Accounts on the Dark Web

When threat actors steal account credentials, they often post a portion of the information on the Dark Web. At first, they will post a portion of the information for sale. After several months, the entire data set is likely to be available. You can use the Bolster Dark Web module

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